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The Words For Playground Project has the EDUFREE policy being completely applicable so you can use this project's materials, (downloads and webpage text), free of charge for educational purposes.
The Words For Playground project is an attempt to produce pieces of text for younger people. These texts might be rhymes, miniature plays, non-rhyming poems, plus songs. The texts will be designed so that you can choose to say them or sing them. I am not an expert on recommending suitability for age ranges and while I am willing to provide such recommendation with this website's links to the text files. I will not give information on age suitability where there is no appropriate opinion available.

I am currently able to consult two qualified teachers who are engaged in teaching work.

The Photographs

You might wonder why there are pictures of a cat, two pigs and three chickens. Frankly, you are all people to me. There is too much discrimination aimed at animals other than Homo sapiens. Also, the question of whether the people in the above photos are adults seems irrelevant to me when looking at the idea that nobody should grow up so much that they are no longer capable of playing.

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