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The Main View

The Castle Logic Project comes from the psychological behaviour that the idea of castle may put in mind. What could be the benefits of discussing and realising attitudes within castle theory? Could our domestic and personal frameworks be improved? Could we gain insight regarding castles within previous historical contexts?

I have attempted to perceive my view of castle having small knowledge of castles and their history.

Minimum Castle

The following list, which is found in the document file called Minimum Castle, can be seen as an introduction to my view of the idea of castle. An important aspect of the Castle Logic Project is that I am not regarding the idea of a castle, being some sort of building, as the focus of attention. What attitudes might there be simply because of the castle as an idea? Might there be castle without the presence of a castle?

A person's castle is their home.

Your castle is where you can see castle.

The castle puts you to defend.

To not see the castle is to increase risk of hazard.

Keep the castle for your need.

Needs within the castle have no emotion.

Emotion that comes to the castle should enable happier.

Humour in the castle is distracting.

Castles must have parts.

Explanation Of Castle Com

Castle Com is the name for a piece of text that has been compiled in a similar way to some pages of manuscript that were, seemingly, written during the period of British history experiencing the gradual change to the redundancy of castles. The reasoning of those earlier texts appears to be not known. Also not known is whether that set of pages is incomplete. However, in terms of the idea that the texts fall short of covering the full breadth of castle life, they could be said to appear unfinished.

I encountered the older texts via a television program. The historian who was filmed commenting on the mysterious nature of the work suggested that someone might produce a finished version. I decided to attempt the compilation of a version that could be seen as more historically flexible than the earlier text. Unfortunately, I do not have access to copy of that text so the view comparing my version with the earlier version is, to me, unknowable and my recollection of the wording of the older text is extremely vague.