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Stage One:     Socialize

Stage Two:     Communicate self-produced positives


Stage One:     Teach them what is needed

Stage Two:     Learn what you need to from them



Realize and communicate desire for variety

Attempt that everyone enjoys themselves as much as possible

Deal with the truth and live in one world



While you desire to add to the relationship you should regard every stage ( above ) as applicable.

Therefore, in theory, you can introduce the stages in the order of your choosing; however, the order shown here would be ideal.

The real world is, sometimes, not conducive to ideal.

Flexibility is a needed skill.

Attempt to realize through discovery the things you can enjoy.



Unfortunately, you can enjoy while not enjoying; this situation is a depressive experience.

Negatives breed negatives.

Realize your genuine affections plus their genuine desires; they are your best mates.

In a person, what you regard as a mate is unpredictable.

You can have a mate while you do not need their companionship.

Within the effort at companion you should be yourself.

Romance can consist of various amounts of various things.



Facets of a person that are enjoyable should be of the self.

You should not use a formula to judge to become compatible.



Stagnation within a relationship can lead to depressives.

Depressives are negative.

Variety is the spices of life.

The plateau is a danger zone.

While experiencing a psychological plateau search for your genuine desire.



Pragmatics are optional.

Pragmatic ideas are not desires.

A result of pragmatic could be desirable.

The attempt to be destructive is pragmatic.


Desire is theory.

Genuine desire does not include pragmatic.

Genuine desire is not negative.

While you realize a genuine desire you should activate achievement.

Realize the pertinent ( to yourself ) plus the appropriate ( to others ).

Choose to achieve.


Fantasies can lead to false desire.

There can be realistic fantasy.

There can be not real fantasy.

Where you see doubt of desire you should search for what you desire more.




People that are able to combine their truth with other people's truth while they enjoy the results will see compatible elements in their relationship.

Other people that exhibit enough compatibilities can become the mate.

The more your truths can be communicated to another with enjoyable results therefore exists more potential for companionship.

Truthful romance does not include insignificance.

Romance is where the largest logical view of a subject is enjoyable.

Where there are no whole views that are enjoyable while you look at the other thing there is zero compatibility with that thing.

The mate is someone who has reached the minimum echelon of friendship.

The view of companionship while you have a mate is unpredictable.

There will be no truthful romance as a result of the person who is not your mate.

Whole views contain more than one whole view.

Bodily contact while there is no romance is destructive.

The other person that evokes a depressive in you while you are engaged in the effort to combine with them will result in some destruction.

Destruction produced by a person could result in more negativity toward your view of another person.

Combine to be beneficial.




Those that do not amuse you are not compatible enough to associate with.

Those that are not compatible enough will make you more negative.

The other person that depresses the view of your life will make you more negative, is not compatible enough and will remove opportunities for joy in your life.

Your view of a mate as compatible can vary.

The compatibilities of the person who is compatible enough are not a predictable range of things.



To give a person beneficial advice you should create opportunity to be positive.

The advice you give to a person should result in more benefit for that person.

The most beneficial advice comes from those with enough knowledge who aim for your joy.

Valuable advice is comprehended by the receiver.

For advice to be valuable there must be a complete set of logic available.