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Impact Of The Lines

As mentioned on this project's overview page, the project's text is divided into lines that can be one or more words long and the longest lines are, in my opinion, short enough to not give the observer too much to concentrate on.

You might find that a given line can provoke awareness of different things on different occasions of observance of the line.

With occasions where you do not agree with the statement you are looking at you should realize that my intention is not to find your agreement; I do desire that when you disagree you attempt to be aware of a complete picture in realizing your opinion.

You should feel able to read the lines in any order. If you are reluctant to do that you could benefit from forcing yourself to look at the lines not in the order they were written. Otherwise, you might not have the most opportunity of awareness.

As with any thing that is designed to produce the widest potentials to become aware there is the risk of realising depressive ideas; this has happened to me. In the case where you are finding depressive, I recommend that you effort to look at enough of the project's lines to settle on some enjoyable thoughts. If you find you are unable to achieve this I would greatly appreciate that you inform me of that because I have attempted to ensure that the enjoyable will not be far away within the text.

While reading the lines you could bare in mind that the project's text exhibits my opinion. I have not reached my conclusions for no good or no logical reason. And realize that people might alter their views so you might alter yours.

Use Of Words

The Awareness Project contains some effort to illustrate unconventional ways to use English words. The reasons for this are as follows:

     i)  I decided to employ words, as preferred by me, to say precisely what I wanted to say.

    ii)  I attempted to make reading the project an unusual experience to assist the reader to have an objective view of the text.

   iii)  I am attempting to show that, while language can have convention, you can choose to use language the way you want with the important idea of being comprehended.

   iv)  I did not want the text to appear to be modern so that the reader might detach from a sense of current culture and society therefore viewing a wide context of existence.

Some of the words in this project have been used in accordance with word origins as stated within the New Oxford Dictionary. A currently conventional definition is being employed with such words at the same time that would enable you to have the same conclusions, in my opinion, that you could reach with awareness of my use of word origins. I will add a list of the words that I have used with an older definition along with the appropriate definitions.

Sources Of The Lines

For many years, I attempted to collect in memory things that I read or heard or thought which seemed to be, at the least, potentially useful for making progress with and improving a person's life. As a consequence of that collection process plus the subsequent effort to decide the contents of this project I have vague knowledge of which pieces of the project's text are direct copies of earlier text, adapted phraseology, or have originated from me.

In essence, the sources of the lines are a combination of various people's creativity. I have attempted to capture and present some of the most useful phraseology that I could realize while not attempting complete coverage as a tome of good advice and inspiration. While you are with that thought, realize that I have not finished writing down the Awareness Project and when I have written down the text I have to recall I might create further text.