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Poetry is a combination of ideas and music that is usually produced using the spoken word. You could, in theory, produce poetry using movement and shapes ( For example, with sign language ) instead of the spoken word; this is taking the view that the fundamental of music is rhythm.


While in the effort to produce a poem you can attempt to see and choose in which ways, plus to what extent, you will effort to influence the experiencer of the product with views of defined logical concepts plus views of a musical inclination.

Whatever you desire for design of the effects on the experiencer you need to realize that you could create distraction in their views.

The experiencer will be an observer of the results of the perceived concepts in terms of directly illustrated attempts to convey meaning plus the concepts as a result of reminder.

The experiencer can choose what to concentrate on and you could effort to influence their view so they choose to concentrate on views you have as a designer of the poem.

The more you attempt to produce poetry automatically ( as a person ) the more will the results be variously viewable as something called a poem. In other words, you could easily produce something which would not be seen as a poem plus the product could be viiewed as not comprehendable.

Realize that the comprehended in the experiencer is as a result of combination of their knowledge and their views. Their knowledge and views shall shape their experience of reminder. ( People are not the same )

Realize that views such as metaphor plus related views of simile, analogy and direct efforts to provoke comparison are views that a person becomes more skillful with as a result of practice.

As for the view of elaborate, you should consider your view of whether your design is something you find enough agreement with plus you could consider some potentials in the experiencer.

Is the poem good enough for you?

Is the poem good enough to produce desirable results in the experiencer?






Harley Golec