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Language present within the brain breeds language within that brain. Therefore, as example views, positives breed positives while negatives breed negatives.

Deception involves negative language. A relationship with some other person could give rise to ideas that lead to views of yourself, plus them, as whole people. So, deceptions within the context of these views of whole person lead to negative language breeding to disrupt the course of positive language within the indulged context plus there will be disruption, as a result of breeding negative language, to other whole person contexts.

Language breeds language within the brain as a result of the passage of language to meet other language where there could be additions to facets of logic while there could be related facets of logic that are triggered to passage within the brain. Therefore, deceptions within contexts of whole person views can be seen to be pervasive within the context of the deceiver's view of individual persons that are deceived in this way.

Relationships within views of persons compatible to be companions, spouses and, perhaps, work colleagues are at risk from the pervasive deception where the whole person views are established.

The act of deception increases the probability that the deceiver will deceive. Deceptions that have not been resolved to perception of the facts which have been obscured will continue to result in breeding negatives. Therefore, acts of deception increase the probability that the deceiver will result in the pervasive deception.

The solution to this situation of deception breeding negative language is for the perpetrator of the deception to give the other person that has been deceived in this pervasive way a clear view of the reality to replace the unreal scene that has been built as a result of the deception.