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Patrick Mercer

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I am not a horse. I was born in Kent in 1963 at a cottage hospital in Willesborough.

One of my Grandfathers was born and raised in the East End of London, England, and became a cinematic projectionist. The other Grandfather was a career navy man, jobbing with both the Merchant Navy and the Royal Navy.

I am not sure what to say about my Grandmothers other than they were mostly of great assistance.

My mother was an arty sort of person and very interested in design. My father seems mostly interested in words. Or, perhaps, their usefulness. He is good at words.

Feel free to imagine how my parents and grandparents have influenced me.

I am innately analytical and, in theory, would attempt to analyse anything. Truthfully, I could not hate a person although I have hated some things that were done.

I do my best not to make other people’s lives worse.

I regard both intrinsic and relative value as extremely important. I prefer the concept of barter to the idea of money (in the modern sense of token).

By the age of sixteen I had gained some ‘O’ Level qualifications. Apparently, I could have got better grades. One teacher said I was “complacent”; I, from the overall point of view, disagreed.

Politically, I very much prefer pragmatism. However, that view of politics can be difficult to make practical use of while others are not regarding a pragmatic approach as the better course of action.

I would not argue that there is no place for ideals within political mechanisms, while I often reckon that people’s idealistic inflexibility makes co-operation more difficult which is not preferable.

I do not belong to a particular political party and, to finish on  the subject of politics, there needs to be more effort to act on long term views of planet management so that they overpower the delay-causing short term attitudes.

I began Gadrannanna Enterprises to create a profit capable free service provider. I am attempting to provide things which are in accordance with talents I seem, perhaps, to have. Frankly, I do not have a great urge to use Gadrannanna Enterprises to earn a living; that is not its purpose.

I have a casual and keen interest in education which is reflected on this website by the poems I write which are often constructed for purposes in critical discussion and I can be very firm as a result of my belief in my opinion which could be clearly visible if you view the Awareness Project files.

I would welcome civilised discussion and argument although I regard presumption as a usually destructive thing when deployed in the direction of others. If you want to argue, I want facts. Those who use fiction, especially where deliberate, shall not impress me and you shall not win the argument.

On the subject of dreams, I am very sceptical on the idea that I contain ambitions although I do have goals.

Enjoy yourself.

                                                Yours Sincerely,


                                                                                                Patrick Mercer