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The Ordinary Poem Project has the EDUFREE policy being completely applicable so you can use this project's materials, (downloads and webpage text), free of charge for educational purposes.
The main reason for the existence of the Ordinary Poem Project is to provide myself with an opportunity to express thoughts in ways that are more truely my natural behaviour than, perhaps, mediums other than poetry may portray; the extent that these poems succeed to elucidate concern my true self is not easy for me to measure.

There is an attempt to provide educational aspect to these poems by constructing them in various ways (or styles) and deliberately introducing what could be seen as flaws.

The educational effort need not view every one of these poems as flawed so the game of  " see the fault " could be an opportunity for debate.

In the discussion as to whether any of these poems have valuable use for educational purpose, I suspect that some people, at least, might prefer to teach poetry with examples that are not flawed.