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The Art Of Conversation Is To Be Comprehended

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The Old Expressions Project is both basic and complex. The basis is that I am attempting to accrue a collection of words which may look as though they create some " old expressions " ; however, I am not attempting to realize whether any of the expressions are new.

The complex view of the project comes from the notion that categorizing the expressions is logically difficult.

One of the reasons for this project is to provoke a discussion as to what is or is not worthy of being designated as an " old expression " . What is your opinion?

Most importantly, these expressions are an attempt to provide a collection of useful and true statements while the ideas of useful with true are open to debate within the realm of the project.

As for the origins of these expressions, I have been attempting to collect such statements for this project for approximately thirty five years; I have, also, been attempting to create expressions suitable for the project.

With most of the expressions that I have to put within the project I am not aware whether they are my own creations.

Why I decided to effort so many years with no record keeping of the expressions that I was collecting, aside from my memories, I have realized not.

The effort to write these expressions down continues.....