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Welcome To The Language Creation Project



The effort of this project is to explore and utilize ways to create spoken language plus to utilize other types of representation of meaning. I am including in the project the effort to perceive indications of brain functions at work; we have much to learn of what brains do. There is not intended any sense that you could not see fun in this project. Creation should be enjoyable.

Within the project, parts of language that I produce shall be recorded and placed in the Gather And Combine page system. I will attempt to assess these parts of language to judge my desire for combined use of the parts. There will be thesauri plus dictionaries created as a result of these assessments.

The use of drawing to represent spoken meaning introduces a way of being reminded plus a way of communicating while not needing to use the body to express the meaning directly to other people. Drawings of meaning can be easy to transport therefore you can spread data ( the drawings ) much more easily. Introducing the practice of drawn language gives rise to more opportunities in education. There are, also, more possibilities for efficiency and effectiveness with procedures generally. The use of language that does not include drawn representation of the language does, in itself, create more opportunities as previously mentioned.

The more ways we have to communicate the more methods, techniques and opportunities we can have to result in enjoy; we need to enjoy. Thesauri and dictionaries can, no doubt, be used to advantage. However, such publications, amongst other conformity to existing language, can easily mesmerize people into the idea that they do not attempt to create new language. The freedom to produce language you desire to use is, no doubt, a natural right.

The reason we have language to speak, write and experience is because there was the desire to create and use another means of communication. People would create language and people would choose language to use therefore we have the languages on this planet today.


Creating The Words

Choose what the utterance shall mean

Attempt to use desirable noise

[ The inclusion of humour ( amusement ) in the above process could result in language that sounds like a joke.

You have the option to be serious ]

An Example

Chosen meaning: " You spoke to me "

Result: " Dyal chasva viat mal "

Corresponding meaning

Dyal:   You

chasva:   speak

viat:   did / was

mal:   me