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Commissions by Gadrannanna


Private and Personal Commissions


Commissioning A Poem


  • Maximum amount of lines would be 35.
  • Is there something you desire to be within the poem?
  • Do you enjoy rhymes?
  • Do you desire no rhymes?
  • Is there a thing or are there things you desire to be reminded of?
  • You can give me your ideas for the poem.


Commissioning AWords For Playground Text


  • Maximum amount of lines would be 80.
  • These texts are designed to be spoken, read or sung.
  • You could give the work as a present.


  • For the classroom
  • For the student
  • For the playground


  • Choose a theme
  • Choose a set of subjects


  • Create your own version


Commissioning Lyrics


  • You can give me your desires for styles.
  • Perhaps you want to give me an example as a song for me to listen to for similar ideas.
  • You can give me some lyric or lyrics to work with or from.
  • You can provide a tune for me to work with.

The charges immediately below relate to a single item of commissioned Poem, Lyric and Words For Playground text.
  • You may attempt to come to a bartering agreement instead of paying with money.
  • For educational purposes there will be a cost of £20 GBP (in money).
  • There will be a cost of £35 GBP (in money) which will apply to those declaring that they receive one of the following.
  • Job Seeker's Allowance
  • State Pension
  • Disability Benefits
  • There will be a cost with no reduction of £45 GBP (in money).
  • I would welcome any agreement to set the potential cost of a piece of text at an amount being more than the minimum cost. The potential cost will be agreed before I begin work on any commission of a Poem, Lyric or Words For Playground text. Also, I will need to know your desire concern that which you want the text to be prior to the potential cost being agreed.
  • If you are not sufficiently pleased with the finished text you can offer to purchase the product at any cost which is the same as or more than the minimum cost and less than the agreed potential cost.
  • You may choose not to purchase the product at any time.
  • Payment can be made to me by direct deposit into a bank account with the details offered at an appropriate juncture.
  • If you have paid for your commissioned product in accordance with my agreed cost within the commissioning process I will waiver any possible claim by me to copyright of that commissioned product.

Please use the Goods For Purchase Form on the CONTACT PAGE to communicate concern commissioning.