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On this page are some pictures of Blarney Castle in Ireland. This castle is the home of the Blarney Stone (Stone of Eloquence). The idea with the stone is that if you kiss it your eloquence is gained.


As far as I am aware, due to health and safety concerns, attempts to kiss the stone are met with the effort to get you to kiss the stone above instead. Such is the modern world!


Will we ever know whether close is close enough?


I can speak.


The Castle Logic Project has the EDUFREE policy being completely applicable so you can use this project's materials, (downloads and webpage text), free of charge for educational purposes.
The Castle Logic project involves attempt to create views of the concept of castle in terms of potential design and use that could benefit the individual and, therefore, others by influencing attitude through awareness of those views.

There will be a concerted effort to identify aspects of the castle concept that can be conducive to civilian desires and necessities being more advantageously dealt with and in accordance with views of acceptable, legal and beneficial behaviour.

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