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Use the variety you have

Variety is the spices of life

You can use a thing in your ability to perceive

You should be able to realize what you have

Realize when you need a different thing

The thing you have is observed

Agree as the self

Affections plus their desires are not pragmatic


Realize more important things for long enough amounts of time to see a whole view

Pragmatic effort is an option

Be relevant to self

The pragmatic idea could result in you not to be self


While you speculate realize the possible beneficial view

Each effort to speculate should begin with the facts

Realize what you need while you speculate


Your need may be a result of more than one desire

Needs that depress you should result in the effort to realize the ideas that will lead to the enjoyable

The enjoyable thing depresses nobody


You should realize where the results of needs are not enjoyable enough