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educational uses text and images
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You can concentrate on self while you realize

To wake up from slumber is to increase the amount of things you do as the body

The brain you are proceeds with the amount of tasks as it sees fit and is capable of function

The decision to use your knowledge will result in more knowledge involved in your life

You can use knowledge within your thought

You need to learn to teach to have the capacity to educate


You may enjoy the practice of what you have learned more than your effort to learn

The collection of too many facts while the effort to learn will result in less effective realization

Your teacher may be yourself

See the real value of your enjoy with things you practice

You may need to learn more to enjoy yourself enough

The competent teacher will realize the effective way to educate the student

Each person will find some things are more easily learned

The educational effort that is more pertinent to the student is able to be more successful