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The Awareness Project is an attempt to give opportunity to become aware of the reality of an individual. The project is made of single lines of text that can be one or more words. The lines are grouped in various ways and a collection of those groups is called a " bit ." The bits are grouped together to form " segments. "

The text is an effort to provoke a response in the observer. Whether you agree or disagree with the contents of the project is irrelevant to the idea of becoming aware. The intention is that there can be discovery of the self and, perhaps through that, discovery of things that extend from, are influenced by, or influence, the self.

The text that is the words of the project segments is in the process of being written down. Segment One plus Segment Two are now available. ( Click Here For Files ) ( Click Here To Read Online )


The experience of reading the Christian bible and being unable to agree with various parts of that compilation was the original inspiration behind the work that became the Awareness Project. I read, also, various parts of the Chinese work of text called the I Ching and found an almost intangible, pleasant feel to the style of presentation of ideas. That has resulted in some of the flavour of the Awareness Project text. Various experiences of Buddhist teachings plus the person called Confucius have influenced my effort in producing this project's text.

Do not expect, in seeing the Awareness Project, to find a representative attitude to the aforementioned sources of text.

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