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Awareness Segment Two


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Everyone is a judge.


Law requires policing.


Law should provide opportunity for improvement.


Your crime may mean other crime more easily occurs.


Policing that is not legal should not be tolerated.


Consequence of judgement has to be legally enacted.


Law should defend from the desire to be criminal.


You may have to learn law to do something legally.





Evidence of innocence may not be known.


Not enough facts leads to more risk of no truth.


The observer of events may not know what happened.


The lie could appear to be a fact.


The truth can be not believed.


Fun might lead to a crime.


There is consequence.





Differences lead to reactions.


The same thing leads to an increase.


We compare what we find.


Decisions include results.


You may not want.


You might find difficulty seeing what you want.


The thought of what you want might be discarded.


The thing you want could be necessary.


Doing what you want may result in damage.






Every seed has a source.


A seed can be killed.



Seeds contain information.



The seed you do not find may be the seed that does no good.


The seed that leads to a happy person will be looked on gladly when recollected.



The smile might give some possibility.


Damage can put destruction in mind.


The effective thing may appear to be less powerful.


A seed could be used later.





There are many types of seed.


A seed is a beginning.


You can begin.



The time with what you have should contain the valuable     opinion.


You could state your necessity.


Some other person could give rise to your advantage.


Look for the important thing.


There may be other important things.





You must have knowledge to attempt to be logical.


Your knowledge may not represent the reality.


Calculate the possibility.



Logic should contain relevant features.


There may not be certain conclusion.


The result of being wrong can teach you the importance of being less inaccurate.


Some logic is precise.







The result of information could be unwanted.


Awareness of a reality could result in no mistake.


The truth comes from within while not containing awareness of not fact.


To see truth you have to comprehend.


You can ask the wrong question.


You can tell truth when you desire to hear truth.


A person can not know there truth.





Decide what is desirable.


Realize facts.


You may see not enough.






Build what you need.


An other might need you.



The built thing may become not needed.


The not needed thing could be employable.


The not employable will leave less.



The design can result as with more than necessary.


The design which is more enjoyed leads to more variety.



To make things you need resources.


You may need to enjoy your resources.


What do you desire to have?



Every person is constructed.


Built things can be damaged.


After damage there may be worse.



A person can enjoy.

A person who does not enjoy enough will be damaged.


You might not see what you can enjoy.


Enjoyment may occur while not enjoying.


Your construction to enjoy might lead to an increase.


Which increase do you not want.


Not enough variety will lead to unhappiness.


The same thing can be not enjoyed.


You might enjoy some thing more after some different.



You may construct some thing does inappropriate.


An inappropriate thing could result in less happiness.



To construct the appropriate you must know enough.


Differently appropriate things may be wanted.


The appropriate construction considers the whole view.


There a different types of resource.


Which resources does your environment need?


How much unneeded resource can you maintain?


What risk will you view as tolerable?






You may not discover the not complicated.


The complication may be not visible.



Know the parts that you need to identify.


You may need to know that the same parts can be different.


Realize the necessity to be aware of the difference.



Your tools for perception could be not adequate.


The accuracy you need should be known.


Desire leading to complicate should not be unrealistic.




You may desire to discover the design.


The not sufficient discovery could result as the not achieved.



The design you see could be not real.


The combined may not be parts of a design.


A design has parts which should be together.


Some designs have parts which do not work together.




Discover the facts.


Be accurate.


Find enough.


Consider desires.











An awareness may result in compare.


The thing where does be the same may be identical.



The completely similar is not the same.


You might desire differences.


Compare whole things to see them truly.


To not compare could result in error.


You may not realize which is incomplete.


You will need enough time to finish the comparison.




You might see fiction as fact.


You should realize relevant uncertainty.



You could see certain while the view is not complete.



You should prefer to have enough facts.


Not enough facts may result in less enjoyment.


The brain can realize many comparisons together.


That not fact which is not seen truly might give rise to the not realistic.



Capable parts of a brain shall function more accurately.


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